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Theoretical and Practical Feline Language

If cats are your passion without any doubt this is your workshop. In this workshop, we will help you to understand better your cat. In the theoretical part, we will explain to you the basics of feline language and tips to enhance the quality of life of your cat. After this, you will participate in a practical session in Fundación Silvestre refuge in order to improve your knowledge about feline language and learn to identify different behaviours and at the same time, you will interact with them.
In this workshop you will learn about the basic needs of your cat, to interpret their language and create an adequate environment in order to improve his welfare. We will also explain to you some of the most frequent behaviour problems and how to solve them. During the practical part of the workshop, you will practice what you learned during the theoretical part. Assisting to this workshop, you collaborate with Fundación Silvestre, cat refuge. Consult dates and conditions at info@etholink.com.
One session of 120 minutes.
35 €