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Revision visits

After 3 months if there is a complication or regression of a behaviour problem previously treated with us, or if there is a new one, one of our two vets will go to your home to diagnose the behaviour problem of your dog or cat. As they did on the first visit, they will explain to you the treatment and give you the complete guidelines via e-mail.

60 minutes

65 euros

  • Commute fees to your home *1 (see Session Conditions).
  • Complete questionnaire.
  • Outdoor walks.
  • Guidelines for treatment *2 (see Session Conditions).
  • Short-term follow-up *3 (see Session Conditions).

*1 Travel expenses are included if the residence area is in the limited zone indicated on map. Price from the limit is of 0,10 cents/km round trip.

*2 The guidelines are confidential and recirculation is forbidden. Using the guidelines for other cases is dangerous because every case has a unique treatment. Copyright is also the reason.

*3 First visits always include a short-term follow-up. We will admit phone calls and e-mail consultations until 3 months after the first visit. If we consider necessary to recommend you behaviour modification sessions or new visits we will do it. These sessions cannot be replaced by phone or e-mail consultations. These are only an option for little consultations o case actualizations.