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Behaviour modification in dogs and cats

Behaviour modification sessions will be done once the first visit is done. Modification sessions are necessary to treat the majority of behaviour problems, especially in dogs. One of the Etholink vets will go to your home or to a previously agreed location (see more) to work with your pet. These sessions are based on to solve a behaviour problem.

In these sessions, we actively work with the dog or cat in order to modify, eliminate or redirect an unwanted behaviour by the owner. As professionals, we will always work with positive reinforcement (see link), which means, we will reinforce wanted behaviours through rewards and respecting animal welfare at all moments.  This way the behaviour modification will be more effective and will reinforce your bond with your animal companion.

Behaviour modification sessions are adapted to the different behaviour problems. Depending on the problem, sessions will be done at your home, in the street or at a previously accorded location.  Frequently we will combine different options in order to improve results. Working with human or animal extras is sometimes necessary.

  • At home: some problems only appear at home. As for example separation anxiety, noise phobia (thunder, fireworks), resource protection (food, games, …), etc. In these cases, we will guide you through the treatment with different work patterns and handling indications in order to solve the behaviour problem.
  • In the street: part of behaviour problems related to fear of different stimulus must be treated in the street. Hyperactivity and lack of control during walks are other examples.
  • Other locations: Some situations require working outdoors but separated from noisy environments or distractions (away from the street). For example, to correct aggressive behaviours towards dogs or people.

60 minutes

1 session – 55 euros
4 session pack – 200 euros *1 (see Session Conditions).

  • Commute fees to your home *2 (see Session Conditions).
  • 60 minutes behaviour modification session
  • Human or animal extras (if necessary for the treatment).
  • Guidelines for the modification sessions.

*1 If you buy a behaviour modification pack, payment must be done before the first session. If cancellation is made on the same day or the day before, money will not be refunded.

2* Travel expenses are included if the residence area is in the limited zone indicated on map. Price from the limit is of 0,10 cents/km round trip.