Our philosophy

Committed to animal welfare

What can we offer you?

Our services and products: first visit, seminars, puppy classes, online products, …
Are aimed to offer you tools to solve behaviour problems and understand better your dog, cat or horse, helping you at the same time to strengthen your bond with them.

How do we work?

Punishment is not permitted as a teaching method. Reinforcing desired behaviours throughout rewards such as food, games, affection, compliments… and ignoring or redirecting undesired behaviour is the method recognised by the scientific community, known as positive reinforcement.

It is the most efficient as it assures the long-term acquisition of the reinforced behaviour, strengthens the bond between humans and animals respecting in every moment the well-being of the animal.

How to choose a professional?

The most important thing at the moment of choosing a professional is that his priority is the well-being of the animal during the treatment.

Use of physical punishment through electric choke collars, prong collars, electric shock collars, water guns, …is not at all recommended, these techniques make your animal suffer, affecting the bond you have with it and has side effects in its behaviour (aggressive, fearfulness, anxiety…).

Furthermore, it’s inefficient long-term, as the last scientific studies show.

Our motivations

Our main objective is to improve the bond between animals and humans, building stable and balanced relationships between them. Improving animal welfare in society is our principal motivation. That is why we also participate in campaigns of public administrations, where we emphasize the importance of understanding the basic needs of dogs and cats.

Etholink also works with horses, sharing information about basic needs and positive reinforcement in this species.

What is our profession?

We are a team of veterinarian specialized in clinical ethology, anthrozoology and canine education.
This enables us, not only to establish a diagnosis and treatment at a clinical level but also to perform behaviour modification sessions.

What is ethology?

Ethology (from Greek «ηθος» ethos, habit, and «λóγος» logos, reasoning, study, science) is a part of biology and experimental psychology that studies animal behaviour in its natural environment.

What is an ethologist?

A clinical ethologist is a professional with a degree in veterinary medicine, biology, psychology, pedagogy or medicine that has obtained an ethology master degree.
In this group of professionals, the only one that can use psychopharmacology is the veterinarian ethologist. It’s the only one that can establish the diagnosis and do a complete treatment.

Educator, trainer and ethologist. What is the difference?

A dog trainer is a person trained to teach animals behaviour abilities with no intention of modifying internal emotions. It modifies behaviour without treating the cause of the problem. Examples of training are agility, obedience, Frisbee, defence, …

On the other hand, a canine educator can diagnose and treat behaviour problems excluding organic origin. This means, that the educator has no knowledge to make a complete approach to the behaviour problem because he cannot diagnose health disorders. Many health problems can be the origin of behaviour problems. This is why an educator normally works with a veterinarian ethologist. The veterinarian ethologist does the complete diagnostic and the educator deals with the behaviour modification treatment.

Etholink has all the professionals needed to diagnose and treat all the possible behaviour problems in a complete way. This is why you would not need to contact different professionals to correct all type of behaviour problems.

Why extend unpleasant situations? Behaviour problems can be treated!