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Veterinarians specialized in clinical ethology

Soraya Beuk

Collegiate BCN 5001. Graduated in veterinary medicine, my passion has always been observing animals in their natural environment and my motivation to start studying to become a vet. In the meantime I was studying for my degree, I was working as an intern at Affinity Petcare in canine and feline ethology projects.

Later I started my postgraduate course in Anthrozoology. During the degree, I did an internship in clinical ethology and canine education with the director and teachers of the degree. During my training, I assisted to numerous seminars of canine, feline and equine ethology.

At present, I am also working as a veterinarian surgeon at different emergency hospital services and every now and then participate in investigation projects at Affinity Petcare.

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Principal training:

  • Graduate diploma in Anthrozoology (studying the bond between animals and humans), UAB (university autonomous of Barcelona), 2016.
  • Canine educator certificate, Single Track, 2016.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine, UAB, 2015.


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  • “Equine ethology” (UAB), 2011
  • “Seminar about ethology” (UAB), 2010

Clara Castells Urgell

Collegiate BCN 5149. I am a veterinary surgeon specialized in clinical ethology. I also combined my clinical training with the practice, what permitted me to become a canine educator. After several years working as a veterinarian and as an ethologist I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to animal behaviour, it was a vocational choice.

Helping improving the coexistence of all species isn’t only my work but my passion. That is why I decided to study to be a vet so that after I could specialize in animal behaviour.

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Principal training:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine, UAB, 2015.
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Ethology, UAB, 2016.
  • Canine educator certificate, Single Track, 2016.


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Our four-legged family and inspiration to improve every day

Tess: Golden retriever of 12 years, she participated in various behaviour modification sessions as a neutral dog. She is now retired and enjoys her days chewing on bones and sunbathing.

Sowa:  mixed Doberman breed, she is shy but if you give her a reward she will be your best friend. It’s a very active dog and loves doing obedience exercises.

Annur: Czechoslovakian wolf-dog, she was adopted recently with fear-related behaviour problems (fear of people and new environments). We are treating her and she is improving every day. As she is very sociable with dogs, she will help us in behaviour modification sessions.

Nuk: like most of the cats, he is the king of the house. Actually, he is not sure if he is a dog or a cat because he is sociable with both species and lives with 3 dogs. He was found in the road with a few weeks of life.

Hambel: crossbreed horse; he was adopted in ADE shelter when he was 1 year old (now he is 4 years old). He lives with his herd in a 40 hectares paddock. All his education is based on positive reinforcement. With him, we try to demonstrate that it is not necessary to use physical force for him to understand what we want him to do and that he can enjoy our interaction the same as us.

We help you undestanding better his lenguaje.

Using body posture, tail, eyes, ears and sounds… to send you different messages.